Pairing Green Gucci

I recently treated myself to a pair of stunning green Gucci mules- you could say as a birthday gift to myself. I wore them around the house endlessly in my robe. Sadly, once I stopped dreaming, I realized that a dark forest mule is not so easily paired when searching for an actual outfit. Three hours in, I finally found a way to incorporate the shoe into my outfit without overshadowing it with prints or bold colors.

I paired a light baby blue skirt from Zara, with a white patterned top that I discovered in a small town shop. I twisted my hair into a half-up top bun to continue the fun flow that the shoes have. The result? A fun yet sophisticated outfit that is perfect for summer in Miami. The shoe itself transitions great into fall, ideally paired with fringe accents, brown and neutrals.

Here are some of my favorite picks of green heels.

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