I had the distinct pleasure of going on a trip to Nicaragua with a group of friends. Nicaragua is a safe, beautiful and culturally-rich country. This was my first trip to Central America and I definitely will be returning.

Upon arriving we were greeted by a Mariachi Band, which definitely took me by surprise but was a great start to our trip. We road to a friend's house to stay for the night in the back of a truck- which is a common thing to do in Nicaragua. The distinct thing about the country is that although there is a lot of natural beauty, there is a lot of poverty. The country is divided into upper class and lower class and there is no distinct middle class.

When in Nicaragua, DEFINITELY rent a home through vacation rentals. We had a beautiful villa with glass doors and an infinity pool in San Juan. Most houses come with a security guard and a maid, and is a better option to thoroughly enjoy your trip. The US dollar goes far in the country.

On the last day, we took a catamaran tour which brought us to an isolate island. Beautiful scenery and clear water was all around us and really finished the trip on a high.

San Juan Del Sur is beautiful but a more touristy area. You can expect prices to be pretty similar as in the US. Granada on the other end is very cheap, some days I spent less than $5 on food!

Check out the gallery to see some of the highlights from my trip! Leave me a comment below :)

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