We Should All Be Feminists

What is a feminist? It is not a person who believes that women should be better than men. A feminists is a person who believes in the social, economical and political equality of women and men.

Almost every person who I look up to is a woman and a feminist. Politically, my icon is Angela Merkel, the chancellor of Germany. She represents power and agility, something that she has had to defend to many men. She is now one of the most respected international figures.

In TV, I look up to women like Leslie Knope and Daenerys Targaryen; women who know what they want to accomplish and are not afraid to go for it. I cried when I saw Wonder Woman in theaters because I had never felt so empowered when watching a movie. Here was a woman who felt so deeply but never let it shake her moral compass, who was unapologetically authentic and kind, but also kicked ass.

Women still face challenges. We are underpaid, misunderstood and harassed. Men compliment us by saying we are beautiful, we are sexy, but no other qualities are ever mentioned. I want to hear that I am smart, that I am intelligent. My boyfriend often wonders why I have such low confidence in my own intelligence, and it is because with the exception of a few people, no one reinforced the importance of it.

When I decided to step more and more into fashion and blogging, I get recognized even less. Fashion is considered a shallow art by most. The truth is, caring about the way I dress and sharing that with other people has ZERO effect on my intelligence.

Statistics show that African American and Hispanic women face even more challenges. They face more sexual harassment and wage-discrimination than any other group.

Mention that you’re a feminist (especially in South Florida) and you’ll be met with chagrin, disbelief and sometimes even anger. One man once told me that I’ll never be married with that attitude. Another was astonished that I make my boyfriend help me with chores around the house, and was in even more shock when I told him that my boyfriend actually helps by his own choice.

However, today is a day where we celebrate women for their strength, their love, their compassion and their intelligence.

So here’s to my mother Dorit, who taught me that being kind and honest is the most important thing in the world. I wouldn’t love the way I do now without you.

To my boyfriend’s mother Donna, who has taught me to tackle life head-on and to be fearless. And thank you for raising a man unlike anyone other.

To my best friend Nicole, who is the most independent and determined person I’ve ever met.

To my best friend Sophie, who has taught me the importance of authenticity and just letting go of things.

To my best friend Fran, who always looks out for others and who’s becoming a freaking lawyer!!!

To my best friend Danielle, who is teaching and shaping young minds with so much compassion.

Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.

To help donate to the legal fund of Women who face discrimination, harassment and assault in the workplace, go to https://www.timesupnow.com.

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