A Quick Guide to Barbados

The Barbados Travel Guide - an island where there is plenty of tranquil beaches and the rum is pouring 24/7.

White beaches as far as the eye can see, translucent water, and a comfortable climate make this island a hidden gem in the eastern Caribbean. It is an independent British Commonwealth nation, which means that people drive on the other side of the road here - definitely a fun and crazy experience! This guide is shorter than the usual, and that's because I honestly just relaxed with my family- and that to me is more important than anything.


The Fish Pot Restaurant

Do not miss this restaurant - you'll regret it. The fish is out of this world, but the delicious food is outshined by the amazing view. I would recommend coming for lunch to really full take in the stunning atmosphere while you enjoy a crisp glass of white wine.


This restaurant is nestled away in a residential street - but the views and food this place delivers are well above expectations. The crashing waves compliment your dinner well. I ordered the barracuda, which is in season in summertime, and mashed potatoes. Barbados meals offer a lot of potatoes, and they're all a DREAM.


The Tiki Bar

Take a break from swimming through the waves and cool off in the tiki bar, which serves about 20 different rum cocktails. The cocktails are strong and sweet - the ideal mix.


Take It Easy

You're on island time - which means that it's time to close your emails and just really let GO. Leave your business on the plane and really take the time to take in the beautiful and lush landscape of the island.

Catamaran Tour

There's no better way than exploring the breathtaking ocean than a catamaran tour - definitely book it ahead of time. The tour we went on let us snorkel with turtles, explore a shipwreck, and the bar on the boat was open.

St. Nicholas Abbey Distillery

We found this place thinking it was a church- turns out the only praying you would do here is to the porcelain gods after consuming one too many rums. The history behind this place is rich, and if you walk to explore the grounds you'll discover exotic birds and tortoises!

Harrison's Cave

If cool salt caves are your thing - look no further. The Harrison's Cave offers two types of a tour: a walking tour, which literally lets you wade through waters to explore the cave, and a shorter driving tour, which still ends up going 160 feet below.

Rent a Car We rent a car to get to some places, but ended up driving around the whole island in a day; and it was our most favorite day by far! I would recommend renting one of the Jimny's - they don't have Jeeps or other imported US vehicles, but the roads are bumpy, and it's just more fun that renting a sedan.

Bring Back Some Rum

Capture the magic of Barbados for a little while longer and snag a bottle to bring back to share with friends!



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