Are you a Neurosurgeon or are you into Fashion?

Are you a Neurosurgeon or are you into fashion? It's a ridiculous question, right?

Do you remember those career quizzes in high school that would tell you what career path best suits you? Or the Buzzfeed ones, where you find out which Sex and the City character you are? I take the quizzes, and the chances of me getting the same answer more than once are slim to none. I don't know which Sex and the City character I am.

Here’s why these quizzes are problematic: it makes us feel like we can just be one type of woman, or one type of man. It makes us fit into a niche so others have an other standing of "who we are." I have an huge inability to budget and insane amount of shoes, but I also have Charlotte’s need to be settled, and Samantha’s need for independence and power. When we take these quizzes, we put ourselves in a “box.”

Are we sexual? Are we domestic? Are we feminists? I don’t see why we can’t be all of these things and more. I moved a lot when I was growing up, so I have a need to settle down into a nice big house. When I tell people this, they ask me why, I am so young, I don’t to settle down so early in my life. My need to have a physical home location has nothing to do with “settling down,” I still want to travel, I want to go out with my girlfriends, I want to be wild and crazy. I fail to see why all of my life options are mutually exclusive; and why some think that choosing one type of personality or life path means that you’re not capable of doing everything else.

It goes even further than that. I think, we, as humans, have this innate and irrational need to categorize or brand people based on one singular interest. You like fashion? That's your thing now forever. You like neuroscience? I'm gonna ask you about the brain every single time I see you. You like comics? Cool, how's Thor? Why do we do this?

Think about your interests, and your values. Would you say that they are all related or similar? I lined up some of my interests to see how they panned out.




Public Policy


Conspiracy Theories


Mental Health Disorders





TV Shows

Working Out

True Crime

Playing with my bunny


Do you notice something? My interests aren't singular, and neither are anyone else's.

Here's a picture of me shopping, happy as a clam.

And here's another picture of me, shadowing pediatric cardiovascular surgery.

My point is, you can listen to Slayer and the Jonas Brothers. You can literally do whatever you truly please, and when people try to fit you into a niche, remind them that we all have multifaceted interests. Our interests shouldn't be dividing. One of my friends is really into make up, and somehow people now regard her as someone who doesn't know about current events. When they engage in conversation with her, it's only when it's about pop culture or make up. Our interests shouldn't be divine. Assuming that someone only has knowledge in one specific area is a disservice to them, and creates resentment.

There’s no need to create these assumption. You will find that the girl who is an avid horseback rider also knows a lot about astronomy. The girl who goes out every weekend is in a loving and committed 8 year marriage. Our interests are part of us, but we are so much more than a hobby.



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