Christmas in the Heat

Moving to Miami has been a great experience- but not so great when it comes to Christmas. When you've grown up in an area where you've had the benefit of all four seasons, being in 85 degree weather and having more opportunities to get a summer tan rather than cold, it can be pretty disheartening. I know that I have struggled this season especially to get any sort of Christmas feeling, as the only thing I consistently see is shopping, shopping, and more shopping. Here I've rounded up some things you can do if you are struggling to get into the festive season.

1. Ice Skating

No, I am not joking, Even in Miami we have multiple areas where you can go ice skating this winter, and whether it is indoor or outdoor doesn't really matter. Put one some skates and show your best moves!

2. Cookie Baking

Christmas is the one time of the year where calories really shouldn't be counted, after all this is the season of indulgence! I have linked some of my favorite recipes here, here and here; so grab some friends and get in the kitchen!

3. Making your Own Christmas Cards

There is something about listening to Christmas Pop and making your own cards that really brings out the festive spirit in you. Add some glitter to the mix and its a party!

4. Make your Own Mulled Wine!

In Germany, this is one of the most honored traditions. Mulled wine combines wine and spices, and heating it up really brings out all of the flavors. I've linked the traditional recipe, and it takes less than 20 minutes to make!

5. Have a Holiday Movie Marathon

You know the classics, so why not build a couch fort and spend a day dreaming of the Grinch? Here's my picks of the best holiday movies:

1. The Holiday

2. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

3. Love, Actually

4. A Christmas Carol

5. ELF

6. The Nightmare before Christmas

6. Go see "The Nutcracker"

A tradition my mother started with me, every year we would dress up and go to the ballet. The costumes, the champagne, the music, it always enchanted me and it is my favorite reminder that the holidays are in fact, magic.

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