Creating method: A Short Story

So I think the most common thing I get asked is what made me create method. In a sea of millions of blogs, why create another one? The truth is, I didn't create method to get recognition or to brag about my fashion style. I created this for myself.

I believe that at the core of everything, a sense of self is most important in life. I have moved countless times; have lived in two countries, four states, over 20 homes. I think the hardest struggle of my childhood was feeling anchored to a place. However, my mum and my Minnie Mouse (I still have it and refuse to let it go) gave me a sense of home; so that no matter where I am I always had home in my heart. The downside is that due to all these moves I had trouble establishing my sense of self. Cultures can vary from town to town and not having a steady group of friends is part of that. I let people walk all over me, take advantage of my need to fit in, and make fun of my passions. I know that I am guilty of changing myself to have people like me; pretending to be someone just to have someone. As I am heading into my 24th year of life, I can say that I am at a point in my life where I have developed that sense.

Through trial and error, I realized that what I want out of life more than anything is passion and good food. I let go of the weird hippie phase, where I thought I wanted dreads because my high school boyfriend liked them. I let go of not caring about things, because I realized that I am too passionate about causes that I believe in to remain quiet. I let go of hatred for girls who just didn't know any better.

When I think of what it means to be myself, I think of certain things that add value to my life. Good wine, even better cheese, dreams of travel and new air; I think of my friends that I can't hug but are always nearby, I think of my partner, and I think of my family. I also think of my sense of style; when words failed me my clothes helped me express myself. Bloggers are seen as shallow or pretentious, but that is not what I am trying to express. I am trying to show my passions, my slowly-developing lines from too much laughter and sun, my blisters on my heels from my countless shoes. I developed method for myself, but also to share the joys I have found in this world, and how each joy contributes to my sense of self.

So essentially method is an embodiment of all these things. It is an ode to fashion, to travel and to myself.

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