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Now, let me preface this post with saying that I have always been pretty so-so when it comes to clothing subscriptions. I imagine totally non-fashion conscious people to order off these because they are simply too lazy to pick out their own outfits.

I decided to try StitchFix because it kept on popping up on my Instagram and the women in the advertisements looked pretty chic. And no, this is not an ad, this is an experiment.

So, I decided to take the leap and order my first Fix.

The signup process is pretty easy and straightforward.I recommend connecting your Pinterest or Instagram account to it so that your stylist can kind of see what your style is. After ordering it, the box itself showed up at my doorstep only a week after, so A+ for processing time.

My Fix was great! There were four articles of clothing and one bag included, all in seemingly good quality.

First, there was a pair of boyfriend jeans, which looked super cute on but I honestly have too many jeans already to consider keeping this.

The flannel was super cute and literally so soft that when I tried it on I almost thought about not taking it back off.

Kut From The Koth Kate Distressed Denim Jean


Le Lis Covington One Pocket Top


The faux leather dress was BY FAR my favorite and looked super elegant and sophisticated but also had the potential to be "dressed down." It fits like a second skin, but is made from rayon and Spandex, so you can imagine the comfort.

The burnt orange bag is PERFECT for fall and I found approximately 15 different outfits to wear it with.

Bailey44 Trystan Faux Leather Detail Dress $198.00

Octavia Larsen Suede Detail Clutch


My only real disappointment was the blouse, as it seemed to be something that you can buy at Target for $15. It was grey in the front and had a polka dot back.

Pixley Dido Mixed Print Knit Top


They send you little styling packet with the clothes so that you have an idea on what to pair it with. You can keep individual items or keep the whole box, for which you get a 25% discount.

Overall, this did not disappoint. It matches some low-cost items, such as flannel ($58) with some higher price items, the dress at $198. The charge for the is only $20 and can be used towards your purchase of the items. You have them for three days and then send them back (if you don't buy) in a prepaid sleeve.

Have you ever tried a subscription service? Let me know in the comments below!

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