Easy Like Sunday Morning

What is it about Sunday mornings? I've had plenty of Saturday mornings in bed, relaxed, but they don't have the same tranquillity as Sundays. The light shines into my bedroom, ever so gently waking me, the birds are chirping and everything seems alright. I think it has to do something with the lack of responsibility, whereas Saturdays are reserved for errand running. This Sunday, Anthony and I decided to go hit up the Pinecrest Farmer's Market, which is the best I've found in Miami. We got an açai bowl, stocked up on fruit and veggies for the week, and chattered about the upcoming week. The floral guy I go to arranged a one-of-a-kind bouquet for me, and I grabbed some eucalyptus for the house as well. I mostly don't have Sunday morning off, so this is a real treat for me!

To match this easy-going vibe of this morning, I threw on a loose vintage white blouse (check out @piavintage on Instagram!), light pink draw-string trousers and some lace-up sandals. And obviously no trip to the Farmer's Market is complete without a straw bag of some kind; how else are you gonna carry all that stuff??

Here I've rounded up some of my fave easy going white blouses in all price ranges! Swipe through to check them out. The Jonathan Simkhai is my fave, and it's a great steal as well!

Additionally, I've been on the hunt for some cool-girl straw bags, so you can check those out as well...How do you like to spend your Sunday morning? Let me know in the comments below!

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