Let's Talk About It, Baby

I think the New Year holds a lot of promises for people, we look at it as a new chance to start. So what if the New Year hasn't fulfilled any of your hopes? I've been in a bit of a rut lately (and kind of MIA) and feel like the New Year has only let me down. Initially, I chose not to talk about it, but I can't be the only one who feels this way. I've been battling with weekly anxiety attacks, losing friends and family issues. I think a lot of times there is such a focus on being "chill" and fine all the time, that we hold everything in and it just makes it that much worse. Talking about your problems can make you think that you are bringing people down, or embarrassing yourself. 2018 looks like a year of desolation, but I am trying to keep my faith. Here's what I have found that works when battling these feelings.

1. Take Time For Yourself

I work 30 hours, am in school full time {6 classes YAY!}, run social media for a company and manage my blog. It really is no wonder that I am crazy overwhelmed! Take the time to just be at peace. Instead of coming home and cleaning or doing homework or running errands; take a bath, or read a book, or watch your favorite movie. Do something just for yourself.

2. Practice Yoga With Gratitude

This is something I have only started recently but it really helps. Take 10 minutes of your day and roll out the mat! If you're new to Yoga, I've linked a website called YogaGlo to help you get started. During your practice, focus on what you are grateful for in life. Focus on things that are consistent; such as the roof over your head or puppies.

3. Reach Out To People

There are countless people in my life that I do not speak to often enough. Now, this doesn't mean that you should pick up the phone and cold-dial your best friend from the 8th grade, but reach out to people with similar interests! Just a casual little chat can change everything. Call your mom, comment on an Instagram post, send a Snapchat. Doing these things can start out conversations with people that can help lift you up without ever knowing.

4. Talk About It.

No one will see you as an inconvenience if you are sharing your doubts with them. Sharing is being brave, and it is human. No one can be perfect and content all the time; we all have our doubts and fears and moments of despair. The only way that people can help you is to talk about it, which is why I decided to post this in the first place. Just talk about it. Let's battle this together; you can DM me, email me, call me anytime.



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