Got Wine? Your Napa and Sonoma Guide

I've had the pleasure of going to Napa with some girlfriends on multiple occasions, and have been to Sonoma only once, but here are my standout wineries from these beautiful places. It broke my heart to hear of the tragic fires that overpowered these stunning places for weeks. However, these areas need your business now more than ever- the areas are mostly tourist powered and are dependent on spring traffic. I have rounded up some of my favorite places so far.


Napa can be very hit and miss, depending on the wineries you go to. I have been a couple of times and there are definitely some that left a prolonged impression on me, whereas others failed to hit the mark. Here are some that are known for its stunning views and craftsmanship.

Stewart Wine Cellars

Recommended by Gwyneth Paltrow herself, a fairly new place, this cute find does not feature an on-site vineyard but makes up for it with its amazing quality in wine. Not overpriced, the wines are well-balanced and smooth. There is a little courtyard with nice wood accents to give you a very nice atmosphere.

Sullivan Vineyards

An absolutely gorgeous location, with a classic tasting room and a great collection of vintage cars- what else could you look for? You walk through the barrels upon barrels stacked in order to get to the tasting room. A very accommodating and friendly place.

Peju Provence Winery

A gorgeous rustic setting, this winery gives you a mini-maze, a castle and a gorgeous outside setting. Be sure to try the wine that combines five types of wine without being a total mess.


An area for true wine connoisseurs, Sonoma is more secluded in the woods and definitely has a different feel than Napa. Spend a weekend here for a tranquil and sophisticated feel.

J Vineyards

A very sleek and stylish winery, they have a stunning set up and a sweet little Bubbly Room on the side. Stay for lunch and enjoy the lush scenery surrounding the area.

Francis Ford Coppola Winery

A great stop in Sonoma, this famous filmmaker's winery doubles as a restaurant and a pool. In the summer, the areas can be reserved to have a truly enjoying day. Additionally, there are novelty items all over the winter, giving it a very old-Hollywood feel. The lunch area outside overlooks a gorgeous landscape.

Do Loach Winery

Lesser known but absolutely stunning, this winery is surrounded by beautiful vineyards and great art. The servers are friendly, the wine is great, and even the bathrooms are stunning.

Iron Horse Vineyards

A popular wedding destination, this cute place overlooks hills and hills of vineyards, providing a one of a kind view.

Wild Flour Bread Bakery

Granted, this is not a winery, but if you are in the area this is a MUST. Working with a wood fired brick oven, this little bakery makes hundreds of breads and scones every morning. The bread is so ridiculously good and fresh, the whole bakery smells like heaven. They also have a magical little garden next to the bakery: look, but please don't touch.

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