Nasty Gal Fall Haul

While Nasty Gal has definitely changed from its origin days, the website still has a lot to offer in affordable fashion that is perfect for seasonal styles. While I definitely always recommend investing in long lasting pieces, it can get too pricey for most of us to spend $2000 each season to revamp our wardrobes. Nasty Gal is one of my favorite websites to stock up on my seasonal faves. Fall in Miami can be tricky, so I’ll share some fall picks for warmer climates as well.

The Trend: Fall Florals

My new favorite trend is fall florals, and I think I'll recycle this trend year after year until I'm literally in the grave (dramatic?). Fall florals are a gorgeous way to keep a feminine edge amongst all the black, brown and dark metallic hues of fall and winter. I found lots of gorgeous examples of this on Nasty Gal. Pair with an edgy belt and a chunky boot et voila! Fall Florals.

1. Flowers Bloom Midi Skirt

2. Floral or Nothing Sweetheart Maxi Dress

3. Our Finest Flower Floral Mini Dress

4. Patch Me If You Can Mixed Print Maxi Dress

5. Let's Grow Crazy Floral Tie Blouse

6. Don't Grow Without Me Floral Maxi Dress

7. Ignoring Floral the Facts High Neck Maxi Dress

8. Hit 'Em With Your Best Rose Floral Dress

The Trend: Boots

While the last few years its been the booties rocking every where, this year the tall boot has returned and it is not here to play. My favorite ones incorporate croc and a bold heel.

1. PU Stretch Snake OTK Flare Heel Boots

2. Faux Croc Stretch OTK Boots

3. Croc Giving Up Faux Leather Knee-High Boots

4. On My Block Faux Leather Knee-High Boots

The Trend:  Trench Coats

Paging Inspector Gadget? The trench coat has received a 2019 update and is best paired with boots (as you can see in the pictures).

1. I Know What You Sheen Vinyl Belted Trench Coat

2. Troubles Belt Away Trench Coat

3. Life After Love Check Oversized Coat

4. Seeing Double Breasted Trench Coat


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