New Year, Definitely Not the Same Me

Long time no see! This year has been one of the toughest, and I took a break to focus on my 6 classes and 40 hour work week so that I don't completely fry out (news flash-still bit off way more than I could chew and fried).

I'm looking back on 2018, and it was such a whirlwind that I have no idea where the time went. I am blessed with wonderful parents, my dad who took me to France in the summer, and my mum who took me to Barcelona over Thanksgiving. I switched jobs twice, I changed my style and then changed it again. I lost some friends, but also strengthened my connection with those who had grown distant. The most difficult part of this year was in my personal life, in between family issues, relationship issues, and mental health issues. I can't confidently say that everything is working out in my way, but I am learning to rise above these issues to appreciate what I do have.

However, all things aside, this was the year where I found more of myself than any other year. I traveled, I read new books, I emerged myself in art, I left situations that no longer helped me grow. I've come up with new ideas, I rearranged my living room, I got a bunny, and joined new organizations. And that's what its all about, isn't it? The ability to adapt, to grow, to change. I've seen so many of my good friends this year change, and blossom, and I am literally so overjoyed to be part of it, even if from a distance.

But why focus on the past? 2019 feels new, fresh, and I'm excited to kickstart my goals. There's an idea that has been in fruition for a while that I am ready to start on. I have decided to lose weight since I went up a size in 2018 (take care of yourself kids- your metabolism will change and you can no longer mope around eating pizza and donuts every day). I have also decided to restart my blog- not sure which way it will take me but I am rising to the challenge.

For anyone that wants to come join me on my quest to lose a few pounds (cliché, but sometimes we need a fresh start), I've partnered with Fit 410 Health for a 28 day fitness challenge. You can use my code NATHG30 or click on this link here to get 30% off their fitness guide! And no, I'm not becoming a fitness guide who will nonstop lecture you about the importance of nutrition, I just really need to start taking acre of myself.

Here are some highlights from my year:

New York




Art Basel

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