Rebag is in Miami!

Handbag lovers get excited- Rebag, the mecca for new and old bags, where you can buy, sell, or trade your loved items, has landed in Miami! The beloved online retailer is opening up a store in the Miami Design District today, June 13th 2019. This is Rebag's seventh brick-and-mortar store, and is sure to make waves in Miami's premier shopping destination.

Image Source: Miami New Times

Rebag offers special pieces, such as limited Birkins or older Chanel bags that you would not regularly find in current stores. You can also sell your loved and used bags on this platform as well and make a pretty penny! With Rebag Infinity, you can turn in any handbag that you purchased through Rebag within 6 months to exchange it for credit- credit at least worth 70% of the purchase price.

Check out Rebag's Newest Arrivals right here, or keep scrolling to see some unique picks that are in stock now. But run- these are all available for a limited time only as someone else may snag them before you!


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