San Diego Photo Diary

I've been in Miami for almost two years now, and I am starting to miss California more and more. Especially when summer hits, Miami heat is almost unbearable for me, and I find myself more holed up in my apartment with AC than lounging at the beach. We flew out to San Diego to celebrate Anthony's sister graduation, and ran from one family event to the next, but we still took the time to soak in all that San Diego has to offer. It was literally so cold the first 3 days that I kept on rehearing the same striped sweater from French Connection, but luckily it kept me warm and looking cute. On Mother's Day we soaked in the rays at Torrey Pines and later went to Old Town for some good margaritas. I wish I had more time- so much time was spent running around that I didn't get to explore any new little spots in this gorgeous city. If you ever have the chance, San Diego truly is something else.

Hiking Torrey Pines with a messed up arm was something else. 😂

Me and my love.

Congrats Bre!! You're old.

Some serious California Vibez.

Here's my go-to sweater (like I had a choice). It isn't available on French Connection's website anymore but I found it on a secondhand site ridiculously cheap!

A cute shop with gorgeous hand-painted plates that I was DYING to take home with me- sadly on my way here the airline completely ruined my dress so I decided to not put myself through that again.

There is NOTHING, and I mean literally nothing, that compares to a California sunset.

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