Spotlight: Statement Earrings

If you are anything like me, you typically stick to small studs and mini gold hoops when it comes to dressing up your ears. However, sometimes I find statement earrings so extravagant and pretty, that I make the exception and brave the streets with my new finds.

Today, I paired my gorgeous earrings, that could honestly double as modern chandelier, with a fun blouse and some flare pants. If the earrings are fun, you can't just wear a basic tee and jeans; the outfit has to go with the earrings.

Here's a close-up of my actually affordable earrings from WorldMarket that definitely stood out on the streets of Lynwood today.

Here are some of my favorite statement earrings, affordable and splurge-worry, to help dazzle your coworkers at this year's office Christmas party.

Snake Statement Earrings from Urban Outfitters

Je Porte Bonheur Lucky Charm Earrings by Marlo Laz

Large bell Earrings by AGMES

Statement Star Drop Earrings from Madewell (on sale now!)

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