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Summer is here, and so is the time to lounge around in the sun, while getting lost in a book. I went a bit overboard at the book store in downtown Coral Gables, Books & Books. The store itself is a magical escape from the real world, and if it wasn't for my patient companion, I would have never left. Here are some of the items I picked up to get myself and my brain ready for the pool/beach/bed this summer.

The Complete Stories - F. Kafka

Kafka was, if anything, a visionary, and his stretching of reality while maintaining an unease connection to the real world marks him as a one of the last visionaries. Here is a full collection of his stories that will plunge you into a a dreamlike state.

Commonwealth - Ann Patcher

Recommended to me by my mother, Commonwealth explores the dynamics of love and family commitment.

Still Lives - Maria Hummel

If it has made it into Reese's Book Club, you know you've picked up a good one. Still Lives explores the disappearance of a famous artist who depicts herself as famous murdered women. In a world that fetishizes violence against women, anyone could be a suspect.

Tin Man - Sarah Winman

The cover mostly caught my eye, but the description took it home. Tin Man explores as two young boys move from friends to something more than friends - but, fast forward some years, one is married to a woman and the other isn't in the picture.

Nine Perfect Strangers - Liane Moriarty

The author of Big Little Lies comes back fro another round- and this time she follows 9 strangers in a health resort, where not even one of the 9 seems to actually need to be in a health resort.

The Prophet - Kahlil Gibran

Revisiting a classic, The Prophet is a collection of captivating poetic essays that truly capture the essence of what it means to be human, and what it means to have heart.

Word is Murder - Anthony Horowitz

I'm late to the party, since Horowitz has recently released another murder mystery just in time for summer, but I figured better late than never. This follows the investigation of the murder of a 60 year old woman who, on the same day, arranged for her own funeral.

Siddhartha - Hermann Hesse

It's been years and years, and yet this is the book I reread consistently. Siddhartha follows the journey of a young man after he encounters Buddha- and his quest for self-discovery and spiritual illumination.

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