The Rat Race

I like my job. After 8 years in retail, a desk job was a welcome change. I work from 8:30-5:30pm, I have a great boss and even better coworkers, and we host fun events such as Margarita Mixers. But yesterday, I was on Facebook, just catching up with people’s lives, and this girl who I used to know became a farmer. She spends her day outside in hard labor, goes to farmer markets, and doesn’t have much to do with desks or computers. I looked at this girl, who is doing something I’m not even remotely interested in, and I found that I envied her.

Normally I envy the rich, or the famous, or Gwyneth Paltrow, but I looked at this girl and she looked so genuinely happy. I knew her back when I was 15, and she was the typical straight A, high-strung, and on the fast track student. When she graduated, she just kind of decided to work on a farm. I know what you’re going to say: social media is inaccurate, people only show what they want to show, it’s all fake. But somehow, I looked through her site, and didn’t see anything but absolute pure bliss.

I have another friend who made some changes. We all thought that she was going to be the one to go to Harvard, serve in government, and really just “have it all.” In the middle of college applications, she suffered a mental breakdown and just decided the stress of it all wasn’t worth it. She decided to skip college entirely, and went to Costa Rica for yoga instructor training. Now, she’s happy, teaching yoga in remote countries.

I’m starting to wonder if maybe our need to succeed in our career is directly interfering with our basic needs as humans. Are we so concerned with “the hustle” that maybe we’re overlooking something obvious? Should anyone really spend this much time at a desk, when we come from nature? And I’m not just talking about those in the corporate rat race; I’m talking about the hustlers, the workaholics, the startups. Are we doing what is good for us or are we just pushing ourselves for some sort of unachievable sense of gratification?

Maybe there’s a reason why the movie Eat Pray Love resonated to much with us. I sometimes get this immense yearning to just pack up and leave to go somewhere where I can be at peace with myself. Maybe, society somehow self implemented this inane need to succeed in a bureaucratic career that all of us forgot what it really is all about and where we came from. I’m not negating the positive effects of human evolution and technological advancement; I am merely questioning if we are really getting what we need out of life.

Working 40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year, with two weeks of vacations sometimes just doesn’t really seem worth it. I find myself yearning for the ocean, for the weekend, for my next trip; just always yearning for something that I haven’t found yet. But I also think, that we all serve some purpose in society, and going to a job that I like with a good team can’t be the worst thing.


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