Things to do while in quarantine

We are in a new and unprecedented time in our lives. There's a lot of uncertainty, fear, and everybody is getting a little cabin fever. I myself happen to be quarantined with my boyfriend, his family, and some family friends- we were supposed to spend two weeks together, but it turned into two months. Don't worry, my bunny Olive is also here with us, hopping around. I know, everybody is sharing their workout tips and their banana bread recipes, but I'm hoping to give some little inspiration to anybody who is struggling to find stuff to do. Additionally, I would like to highlight the fact that it is perfectly okay to feel like you don't want to do anything - if you feel like the best way to cope with this current situation we are in is to eat and lay on the couch, please don't feel like you are doing something wrong. Everybody deals with a situation differently.

1. Don't just paint - explore new painting styles.

I have always focused on sketching/painting the human body and was mostly familiar with that. Branching out to a new painting style can excite your brain and get you out of your comfort zone. Here are some new styles along with the artists that you can explore/imitate.

Painterly: Think Matisse; these paintings embody the character of the brushwork and pigments themselves.

Expressionism: The ever iconic The Scream is a brilliant example. Used to depict life like it feels to the artist, not how it actually is.

Impressionism: Think light, gesture, and illusion. Monet's Water Lilies are a good place to start.

Fauvism: Another example in which Matisse shines, this style uses bold and unnatural colors, that should appear almost flat and convey the emotion of the painter.

2. Take a class on

I'm currently enrolled in two certificate courses on this site - some courses are free, others require a cost, and you can even check out bachelor and masters programs there! The courses come from universities from all over the world.

3. Check out these workout Opportunities:

I applaud and commend all the people who are currently offering free workouts via IG Live or via their app. Here are some of my favorites (some have free trials)

- Tone It Up: Currently completely free. Quick and uplifting workouts that either require only your body weight or a light set of dumbbells.

- Melissa Wood Health: 7 Day free trial. My favorite instructor, I have been enrolled in her program for quite some time. Longe, Lean Lines.

- Tracy Anderson Method: 14 Day free trial, and there are many dance inspired workouts as well. Definitely worth the increase in heart rate.

- Nike Fitness App; Currently offering free work outs!!!!

- Jane Fonda Workouts: Wanna work out like it's the 80s? All can be found on YouTube.

4. Check out some of these books:

I've been kind of scatterbrained and am currently reading like 5 different books. Here are some I've been picking up.

Cleopatra, A Life by Stacy Schiff - I've recently become fascinated with Cleopatra and her true life, which isn't like the one that has been portrayed in Hollywood.

Normal People by Sally Rooney - I think I'm late on this one, but Kaia Gerber is reading it and so I'm joining along.

The Complete Stories by Kafka - All of Kafka's dreamlike and grotesque stories (excluding his 3 novels) are in this collection.

Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens - I'm only a few pages in, but the novel has been nothing but award winning.

The Goldfinch by Donna Tart - Turned into a movie that flopped, the book itself won a Pulitzer.

Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse - I read this one once every 3 months I think. It brings me peace and guidance whenever I feel uncertain.

5. Scream into the Void

Just do it honestly. You'll feel better.


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