Top 10 Books for Those Who Love Murder

Any weekend plans? Cancel them. I have sorted through my overflowing bookshelf (maybe it's about time for a new one) and have selected a variety of books that are definitely not wishy-washy. I've been so frustrated with this year's selected books because they're all about self-growth and turning your life around. What if I dont want to turn my life around and instead just read about a century-long conspiracy that is coming to fruition? Every new terror/scary book claims to be the new "Gone Girl" when ink reality that is an impossible feat. So I've compiled my own list of books that I believe will bring any fan of horror some joy.

I. The Woman in the Window- If Hitchcock decided to write another novel, this would have been it. This book follows the story of a woman who is trapped in her own house and witnesses something that she never should have seen.

II. The Good Girl- An interesting take of what happens once you're abducted, this story follows the good girl that disappeared one nights after being out at the bar.

III. Then She Was Gone- Ten years after her daughter has disappeared, Laurel is still trying to get her life back together. This all changed when she meets a new man that sweeps her right off her feet.

IV. How To Be a Good Wife- Not murder, but still gets on your skin. Hector and Martha have been married for as long as she can remember. One day, a blonde girl she's never seen before hints that Hector may be hiding a terrible secret.

V. My Best Friend's Exorcism- Stranger Things meets Jennifer's Body- a fun yet creepy read that will have you looking twice at the person you're spending your nights out with.

VI. The Last Mrs. Parrish- I had to set this one down multiple times because I became so engulfed in it that it almost felt TOO real. Some women have have it all, other women will do everything to have it all.

VII. The Cabin at the End of the World- "None of what’s going to happen is your fault." And so begins this terrifying, post-apocalyptic success of a novel.

VIII. Behind Closed Door- Jack and Grace have the perfect marriage; they are truly inseparable. But how close is too close?

IX. The Woman in Cabin 10- On an assignment on a luxury cruise ship, she witnesses a nightmare. But with the culprit onboard, how can she act without putting everyone in danger? Ruth Ware is brilliant- a masterpiece of secrets, murder, and isolation.

X. Baby Teeth- How much can you really trust your own child? I would strongly recommend to not read this around any of them, as it will have you dashing for the doors.

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