Warming Up, Cooling Down

Now that the cold harsh winter is over in Miami (55 F for a week), we can come out of our sweaters and return to our summer looks. Among this, I have discovered a treat that is bound to make any spring lover cheer with happiness.

Nestled into the heart of the Miami Design District, is a little place called Aubi & Ramsa Ice Cream Co., and a big sign on the outside of the store shows "+21 ICE CREAM STORE."

I was actually looking for lunch place when I decided to pop into here instead, and was delighted to find the this is actual alcoholic ice cream. Now, this is not like the wine ice cream that made the rounds a couple years ago that tasted like cheap grape. This place creates ice cream with Macallan 12 Year, Moet and Single Malt. Each ice cream is in a cute container and can either be taken to go or eaten at the bar, which is a treat in itself as you get to talk to one of the owners! You can really sense and see the care the owners put into the shop and into each individual container.

You'll have to check this place out to believe the quality of this delicious little find...i recommend the Agave Dulce De Leche. Check out their website for more.

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