What is Your Mascara Doing for You?

In the words of Jeremy Renner, world-class Avenger and former makeup artist, "Brows. Lashes. Lips. Frame the face. It's Simple." In 2019, most of us pretty much have the brows nailed down, thanks to Anastasia Beverly Hills and microblading. And while our lips look best in a sultry red or a shimmery nude, how much do we really know about what our mascara is doing for us?

I have changed mascara too often to count, but I have finally nailed down my two favorites: Better Than Sex by Too Faced, and Diorshow by Dior. And while I spend 20 minutes perfecting my brow, I often find myself quickly applying my mascara when I'm stuck in traffic (thanks, Miami). But am I really doing my lashes justice? Recent readings have shown me that I basically know nothing.

As it turns out, using multiple mascaras is a thing. Each mascara has its own purpose, even if they claim otherwise. Some are better for length, others for volume. Apply both for that extra va-va-voom. If your eyes are further apart, you want to apply more mascara on the inner side, and vice versa. If you aren't using an eyelash curler (I'm not), you're apparently the biggest fool to walk the earth. Lastly, make sure you wipe excess mascara off the wand to avoid clumping of the lashes.

So I think it's safe to say that it's not about what your mascara is doing for you- it's what you are doing for your mascara. Check out my fave mascaras below and let me know how these tips are working out for you!

Best Volume Mascaras

Best Length Mascara

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